One Moto Emotion in Motion Thu, 17 Nov 2022 05:18:44 +0000 en-GB hourly 1 One Moto 32 32 City e-bikes are the most popular option – the ONE MOTO experience Wed, 17 Nov 2021 07:00:17 +0000 Whilst there is growing interest in using e-bikes, there are still barriers that need to be overcome for more people to take the plunge. For the 66% of Europeans who are not ready to take the plunge, 24% give the reason that there is a lack of safe cycling infrastructure in their towns and cities. This shows not only city leaderships, councils and authorities but also the wider bicycle industry still has a way to go to create a cycling environment that convinces people to switch to electric two-wheeled power.

Following an extensive report from Shimano, e-bikes are in a rapidly growing demand phase for the everyday commuter and those less active (our sage customers) who want a stepping stone into an active lifestyle.

As ONE MOTO showcased their global launch of The RYDA Collection (their range of e-bikes) at GITEX last year, the demand for the pedal assisted collection has grown 400%, and this looks to continue. With their HQs in London and Dubai and their recent India launch, the growth is set to continue well into 2023.

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14,000 surveys

“Our first report was conducted together with YouGov in 2019,” says Ben Hillsdon, head of PR and communications at Shimano Europe. The 2020 report was researched and written right at the very beginning of the global Covid-19 pandemic when it was still uncertain what the ‘new normal’ would look like, or how long the pandemic would last. This survey focused on 12 European countries, namely Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom, and surveyed over 14,000 people.

CITY RYDA by one moto – 70kms range, this step through is ideal for any lifestyle

Behavioral changes

The events in 2020/21 allowed Shimano to chart the behavioral changes Covid-19 has had on the use of e-bikes. 27% of Europeans said they are more likely to use or buy an e-bike now than they were before the pandemic, with two fifths (39%) saying they would use one to avoid public transport.

What does this look like for the UAE? Well in 2020 HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai announced his intention for “Dubai to become a cycle friendly city” and as an avid rider himself he is pioneering this initiative with (currently) over 460kms of cycle tracks throughout the Emirate.

Why buy an e-bike?

The study reveals some interesting details on the motivation of Europeans to buy an e-bike. In Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Switzerland and Spain the main reason is to avoid the use of public transport as people are still afraid to catch Covid-19 there. Replacement or at least an alternative to using a motor vehicle is given as the main reason in the UK, Austria and Germany. For people in the Netherlands and Poland, daily exercise is the main explanation while only in France, the carbon footprint reduction is the reason to buy an e-bike.

For the whole population, Covid-19 is not the only motivating factor in e-bike use; a growing awareness and urgency around climate change is prompting people to make personal choices about reducing their own carbon footprint. Over a third (37%) of those under 24 said they would use an e-bike to lessen their impact on the environment, whereas two fifths (41%) of those over the age of 55 said they were looking for an alternative to a motor vehicle.

E-bike as car replacement

Nearly half (46%) of those more likely to buy or use an e-bike say that they would do so as an alternative to a car. This is a win for everyone in our urban areas; fewer cars on the road means less pollution and fewer traffic jams. However, despite e-bikes being significantly cheaper than a motor car or an e-vehicle, 54% see the cost is a barrier. “E-bikes are powerful car trip replacements for those with access to one, cutting carbon emissions and air pollution for a fraction of the cost of electric cars, yet in many countries like the UK, where e-cycle uptake is very low indeed, e-cycles are the only electric vehicle that doesn’t yet have a purchase subsidy to encourage greater use,” says researcher and active transport journalist, Laura Laker.

Cargo bikes

People are waking up to the advantages of e-cargo bikes across Europe, notes Shimano. The study shows that of those who say they are likely to buy or use an e-bike in the next 12 months, 7% of those in Germany and 8% of those in the Netherlands say they would purchase an e-cargo bike. Even the UK, which lags behind in terms of e-bike uptake, 5% would consider buying an e-cargo bike. The most likely age groups to consider an e-cargo bike are those aged 18-24 years and 25-34 years, however this is also the group that may find the cost to be a more significant barrier.

tryka by one moto – the cargo e-bike for community groceries and last-mile deliveries.

Bricks and mortar bike shops

During the Covid-19 pandemic, many countries ruled that bike shops were ‘essential services’ and allowed them to remain open during lockdowns. The Shimano study shows the need for bricks and mortar bike shops amongst bike owners. Yet, many of the avid cyclists with an understanding of e-bikes are favouring the online purchase experience over visiting bike shops. With companies such as ONE MOTO they found customers ordering bikes online with direct delivery to avoid the considerable waiting times linked to supply chain. Order direct from the manufacturer securing your order.

If you’d like to discover more about the e-bike RYDA collection from ONE MOTO, visit their online platform

Q1 2022, ONE MOTO are launching “The ONE” which will be showcased on their website and pre-sales will be taken from 20.1.2022. Register your interest at

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Dear ONE shareholders, Mon, 06 Sep 2021 10:09:00 +0000 On behalf of our team at ONE MOTO HQ, I am excited to share that ONE MOTO has announced the next raise of $10 million in Pre-Series A. ONE MOTO as a company is now valued at $60 million (pre-money).

This new capital is all about enhancing the ONE MOTO expansion and rewarding sustainability – an engagement platform driven by technology supporting your investment. Over the course of the coming months, (as we complete the raise) we plan to deploy this funding to develop new technology and features, hire great talent, grow internationally, and expand our reach.

power in motion, one moto x.o the global rebrand


ONE MOTO as a series of electric vehicles are designed to keep you moving. It seems appropriate then that ONE MOTO as a business model is designed to keep moving us, the ONE MOTO team. As a sustainably focused business we feel a deep responsibility to be constantly upgrading our offerings every week, month, year to deliver value to you and our customers.

With this new capital, we will accelerate efforts to release new growth to our members, customers and partner experience. In just the past months, we’ve announced our expansion into 13 territories in India, four in Australia with deep conversations to launch in the UK, Kenya, Spain, Ghana, Ethiopia, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Egypt, Pakistan and the United States. The new fleet in prototype phase includes the modular development of our electric two-wheeled vehicles, enhanced app and battery technology. We’ve been developing the range of vehicles with an international team of designers and engineers. I can tell you that the new vehicles in our pipeline are incredible and, when we announce our Series A round in Q1 next year, will see the launch of several assembly plants strategically placed around the world including; India, UK, Kenya, Australia, Pakistan and The United Arab Emirates.

Adam Ridgway the road ahead “to bring change” to the way we move


In order to keep building and researching at a breakneck pace, we are going to be growing our team dramatically. In the last 18 months, we grew in valuation from $8m and a team of four, to $60m and a core team of 20 located in UK, UAE, India, Australia and Kenya. This is just the beginning. Our 2021 forecast of growth was four territories by 2021 and as we close out Q2 we are already at 21 territories with another 15 expected to be signed by Q4. This leads us towards our 100 cities, 1m vehicles and 1bn tonnes of CO saved by 2028. If you’re reading this and thinking ONE MOTO might be the right place to grow your career, please check out our Careers page.


ONE MOTO will become more accessible around the world and expand in countries throughout Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia, and beyond. We’re growing aggressively through a solid network of franchise partners. From ‘micro-investors’ to corporate dealership networks. We know that there are many of you around the world who are interested in joining the ONE MOTO community of commuters but haven’t been able to yet. We’re going to change that.

ONE MOTO byka the all-electric delivery motorcycle


ONE Fleet is our game-changer in the last-mile sector. Offering fleet financing to all delivery aggregators, through a global financier. We currently have a $50m fund allocated to offer financing for corporate fleet operators and this is just for the GCC region. Our CEO, Adam Ridgway is heading to the UK in October to continue discussions of a UK assembly plant and a UK wide roll out plan. We are going all out!


ONE MOTO has already began discussions with key sustainably focused celebrities to bring ONE MOTO to our customers through “value aligned personalities”, collaborations with global brands and film production houses.

We can promise you will see ONE MOTO on more and more platforms in the coming year.


I want to thank you all for being ONE MOTO shareholders. I started ONE MOTO as a ‘vehicle’ to bring change. For many years building ONE MOTO was a challenge, educating to the benefits; of EV to the environment, the pockets of the consumer and to the fleet operators. In the early days we didn’t know if what we wanted to build was even possible. What always pulled me through were the encouraging stories from ONE MOTO customers and a deep sense that the technology we were building really mattered.

We’ve been featured on CNN, been awarded UAEs Most Sustainable Business of the Year, featured in international press, Entrepreneur magazine, and had the most positive feedback from customers in each country we sell. Hearing these stories and receiving requests to be a part of ONE MOTO from employees, customers, shareholders, JV partners and as a franchise network harnesses that the hard work the team have committed is well received.

Last week, I told the ONE MOTO team the new injection of capital will require both a heavy dose of humility and the same sense of urgency and tenacity that got us here. We will face off head-to-head with the largest and most valuable EV companies in the world–some of which have no qualms copying us very directly. We will engage in highly ambitious research and development and release products for you on the cutting edge of sustainable mobility, electric vehicles and the technology that drives them.

We are grateful for the opportunity to take on these new challenges. I ask that you keep sharing your stories with us and holding us accountable to our shared mission: #betheONE to bring change.

Thank you,
Adam Ridgway

Should delivery vehicles go electric in the UAE Sun, 14 Feb 2021 06:00:00 +0000 Motorcycles emitted far more smog-forming hydrocarbons and oxides of nitrogen, as well as the toxic air pollutant carbon monoxide. The motorcycle uses 28% less fuel than the comparable car and emitted 30% fewer carbon dioxide emissions, but they emitted:
416% more hydrocarbons
3,220% more oxides of nitrogen and
8,065% more carbon monoxide

It’s so much more than a mouthful of statistics to digest, what do they really mean?

ONE MOTO have been running the numbers and lobbying for change, for Dubai to become a smart city it needs to embrace change, which is exactly their mandate. With a vision of 90% of all limousine transport to be electric by 2026 the UAE is poised for a monumental shift towards EV, yet what other changes does that bring to light? With passenger transport already a focal point of transport EVolution, we have explored the Why should delivery vehicles should go electric. The need is now and ONE MOTO have built a business on it.

Here are some very alarming figures:

NUMBER OF Petrol Motorcycles on UAE roads 15,000

COST OF FUEL per litre AED 2.20

AMOUNT OF FUEL USED per bike per month AED 540 



ANNUAL FUEL USAGE 12,000 Motorcycles 58,195,584 

ANNUAL FUEL COST 15,000 Motorcycles AED 77,760,000 

ANNUAL CO2 per year 12,000 Motorcycles 16,560 tonnes


Petrol Motorcycles produce 16x more hydrocarbons than SUVS and busses.

Air-pollution is the greatest killer to humanity (shortening life by 2 years).

15,000+ delivery motorcycles on the UAE roads.


ZERO SUBSIDIES – The government may eliminate the need for fuel subsidies costing over AED 13 billion per year (according to a study).

Halved OPERATIONAL costs –  The average cost of food delivery is AED30 (for some companies), yet the consumer is only being charged AED7.

Reduced customer expenditure – Relieving the heavy OpEx to businesses, should hopefully reduce the cost to customers, with many customers surveyed would choose to order from an eco-friendly retailer over one that isn’t.


If the UAE pioneer this movement it will further embed the message of The Emirates in the region and on the global stage as a progressive though-led and environmentally conscious country.


“To provide sustainable, cost-effective, electric transport solutions to service the first/last-mile and food delivery industry”.

Air-pollution as mentioned is the greatest killer to humanity and the affects of Greenhouse gasses is alarming, but for most un-relatable. With a few clicks of this blog and a little research, you’ll be enlightened to what the issues are facing us, yet scaremongering isn’t our intention. Small amendments to each of our lives will produce valuable change to how each of us live.

ONE MOTO have produced a series of ‘for purpose’ vehicles:

byka – the delivery motorcycle
deliva Mobicool 3.0 – the delivery van

As well as a range of private vehicles for the daily commute and micro-mobility let’s run some simulations:


  • Cost per vehicle 1 year
  • AED 8,500 avg. purchase price
  • AED 7,300 fuel
  • AED 4,400 maintenance
  • AED 2,400 servicing
  • AED 100 salik
  • AED 160 registration
  • AED 1,500 delivery box
  • AED 24,360 TOTAL


  • Cost per vehicle 1 year
  • AED 14,950 purchase price
  • AED 0 fuel
  • AED 0 maintenance
  • AED 0 servicing
  • AED 0 salik
  • AED 0 registration
  • AED 0 delivery box
  • AED 14,950 TOTAL


  • Cost per vehicle 1 year (2020 Toyota HiAce)
  • AED 103,500 purchase price
  • AED 38,000 fuel
  • AED 6,000 maintenance
  • AED 4,400 servicing
  • AED 100 salik
  • AED 160 registration
  • AED 68,000 chilled grocery conversion
  • AED 220,160 TOTAL


  • Cost per vehicle 1 year
  • AED 104,571 purchase price
  • AED 0 fuel
  • AED 0 maintenance
  • AED 0 servicing
  • AED 0 salik
  • AED 0 registration
  • AED 0 chilled grocery conversion
  • AED 104,571 TOTAL
Also available as a flat bed or pick up van

By converting your fleet to electric, you can double the vehicle count for the same price as just one petrol/diesel van. Thats’ not even calculating the downtime costs for maintenance, servicing or re-fuelling.

A business built on values

Built upon five core values to our customers:

  1. Environment
  2. Convenience
  3. Technology
  4. Affordability
  5. Experience

“Our aim is to be the leading electric vehicle manufacturer and distributor within the region with global presence through distributors and dealerships.

Expanding our reach to areas of the world less financially sound and provide a cost-effective and sustainable transport solution allowing families to travel, transport and financially provide for their future”.

What are the next steps?

ONE MOTO are taking orders online right now, and commitments are being made to each of our customers.

Hopefully, when reading this, it’ll spark a catalyst and a want for change, running a few financial simulations you’ll realise how you can increase your fleet, reduce your overheads and deliver a cost-effective, environmentally aware solution to the UAE.

If you would like to act on change, please do get in touch with our team.

Thank you for reading,
Adam Ridgway

[Cover image courtesy of Khaleej Times]

The benefits of Electric Motorcycles to the environment and business Mon, 02 Sep 2019 06:00:00 +0000 ONE MOTO – The Brand and Business were built from our inner-values and transposed to our operations – we want to create a sustainable world (realising it’s far greater than mobility) yet, it plays a huge factor in how we commute throughout our lives and deals a staggering harm to our planet. So over the past few weeks our management team wanted to put together a series of messages to offer you (our customers) an insight to the benefits of electric motorcycles to the environment and business. This video bullet points the facts surrounding fuel powered motorcycles and the savings of time, money and the environment.

One Moto Values






Then you’ll understand the operational costs involved in providing a fleet of vehicles. As we focus our decisions and development on our values convenience is key to why ONE MOTO would be a consideration for your operation.

byka fitted with an alarm system, slot in/out batteries, Intelligent Brake Management System, 3-pin charging option, RTA regulated boxes and more. Allowing you to host a charging station (office/depot) to avoid a downtime in deliveries, zero fuel costs, zero servicing and zero pollution.


As petrol motorcycles are producing 16x more hydro-carbons and if a motorcycle isn’t well maintained they are producing 50x more carbon monoxide than is a ‘safe’ amount, we can rid our cities of this toxic harm very easily, by ensuring (as a collective) we are united for ONE cause.

Affordable transport is crucial to any business operation, and we’ve made this possible. With an all-in, on-the-road price and incredible bottom-line savings for both your business and your riders, we can discuss the options with you.


All ONE MOTO models are designed with quality at the forefront of our attention, they must look fantastic and perform even better. Our bikes are made from hardened recycled materials, placing us at +1 with our carbon footprint. You can see our guarantees, from a recent blog Buying Electric Motorcycles online.

To discuss the benefits of electric motorcycles to the environment and business (whether you are a private buyer or fleet manager) contact our MENA/APAC CEO Adam Ridgway, as he is personally committed to our values and the business of electric vehicles.

To arrange a meeting, contact us here.

Thank you for reading and we welcome your comments.

Buying electric motorcycles online Thu, 15 Aug 2019 06:00:00 +0000 It started off as a bold idealism, then through some thorough research we understood customer trust is built online and over 80% of purchases are researched before commitment is made. That’s a staggering finding. But how do we build trust? This article will showcase buying electric motorcycles online.


The greatest expense in most businesses are their premises, which gets fed to the customer through the pricing of their product. One of ONE MOTO’s core values is affordability, so how do we make these prices attractive? We’ve chosen an uncommon route to market by offering a made-to-order customer journey

  1. Select the ONE MOTO model you require.
  2. Choose the colour of your Electric Motorcycle.
  3. Add on any chrome extras.
  4. Add on helmet and apparel (coming soon).
  5. Add on your insurance package.
  6. Place order.

Within 24 hours one of our customer experience agents will get in touch, answer any further questions, confirm your details and keep you updated every step of the way.


Just before your ONE MOTO Electric Motorcycle arrives, we will contact you for insurance details. ONE MOTO have secured the best rates with our partners at Afia Insurance and we feed these back to you. Ensuring your safety, by insuring your safety.


This is where we are proud to offer our guarantees to secure your trust in ONE MOTO.
Battery – 27 months
Motor – 24 months
Chargers – 24 months
Parts – 12 months

If you are to buying electric motorcycles online it’s our duty to guarantee your piece of mind. We have our offices in DIFC (Dubai), we have established presence in the region since 2008. Our reputation is proudly presented by our clients, partners and business network.


ONE MOTO have invested a lot of time to secure partnerships to benefit you. We have an agreement with Duseja Motorcycles on Umm Suqueim Road as our after-sales, service centre (although our bikes don’t need servicing), it gives you piece of mind knowing there’s a physical address to take the bikes to if you have any issues at all.

You will need to change your tyres, batteries and brakes throughout your bikes life, so a stock of parts, accessories and spare batteries will be available to you.

For further information on buying electric motorcycles online please say, call +971 4 298 4444 or visit our other blogs.

What you should know about Electric Motorcycles Thu, 08 Aug 2019 06:00:00 +0000 With the world turning their attention to electric vehicles, many questions arise as to the benefits.

ONE MOTO – the region’s first electric motorcycles are disrupting the landscape of the food service and last-mile delivery industry, and commuters are looking towards a cost-effective mode of mobility. The benefits are vast.

There are many reasons to consider an Electric Motorcycle over a traditional motorcycle. Some outweigh others and some customers buy electric motorcycles for varied reasons.

During our interview Adam Ridgway, CEO (ONE MOTO) stated, “The values of ONE MOTO reside in a trilogy quality, performance and convenience. Which has resulted in regional attention for the brand, although we have a global vision – placing attention to making a difference on our home country is where our focus resides for now”.

The fundamentals for considering an electric motorcycle for pleasure is a lifestyle choice, convenience of mobility, ease through traffic, parking convenience, and you need to feel confident in the bike you ride. Many of our test riders were astounded in the torque of the bikes, the range and speed, which is a ‘doff of the cap’ to our R&D team. One of the convenience factors was the ease of charging, so we developed a system that allows owners to charge anywhere through any 3pin socket (240V). Eliminating the need for a separate charging unit and increasing convenience.

Other benefits include:


You can save thousands throughout the year, here’s one example:

  • Cheap to no fuel costs
  • No maintenance or servicing
  • No need for engine oil
  • Less need to replace brake discs and pads
  • No road tax
  • No parking costs
  • No registration fees
  • The costs of owning an electric motorcycle are less than traditional vehicles
  • They are totally reliable and come with a confident warranty
  • Tax incentives in some countries too


  • No waiting in queues
  • Park anywhere (within reason)
  • No downtime for fleet/delivery vehicles
  • Charging overnight will give you up to 150kms range
  • EVs charge quicker in warm weather


  • No smog contributions
  • No emission considerations
  • Reduce in demand for fuel supply (of course this is minimal now, yet it only takes a few to share the belief, create a movement and make the change together)

Many of us motorists are becoming conscious of the impacts to our environment, which are allowing the consideration of an EV. However, the cost is proving to outweigh the want to make change. Most electric cars will hurt your cash-flow due to the considerably higher prices that the internal combustion engine counterpart. Over the next few years as technology increases in intelligence and volume, these prices will come down and as drivers/riders become familiar and confident in their electric lifestyles loyalty will prevail, creating a positive second-hand market for the ‘once-cautious’ convert.

Meet electa

“With the ONE MOTO fleet, a prominent value is affordability, so we looked at varying ways to keep our costs low, quality superior and pass these savings on to our customers – a far-fetched idealism to the ‘old boys’ of industry. ONE MOTO aren’t going to have showrooms and invest in the real estate of sales, instead by building the trust and confidence through rewarding loyalty we are able to sell our vehicles online”.

“Currently, the vehicles we have in the ONE MOTO fleet for the UAE market are the “electa”, a modern take on the classic scooter which is the one I ride around on. Then we have the “byka”, which is specifically designed for the food service and last mile delivery market. We’ve worked closely with the industry leaders to develop them a bike which meets their needs”.

“We’ve developed a series of parcel cars as well which we are going to launch by Q2 next year, we’re just making amends on the range and power, the designs for them are considered and modern”. states Ridgway.

What does the future hold for ONE MOTO?

Ridgway replied, “With our strategic partners in place and more in the contract stage, we are planning to expand into Saudi, Egypt, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and South Africa, whilst our European Head Office is focusing on the UK and South America”.

Many major car manufacturers are all poised to launch electric vehicles of their own, and they will do so with a century of experience behind them. This gives us the perfect opportunity to take stock and evaluate the current situation with electric cars.

That said, ONE MOTO are to Electric Motorcycles what Tesla is to cars. Pioneers in the industry, taking a giant leap into what we believe as “the future commute”.

ONE MOTO aim to put 50,000 commuters on the road by 2022 and converting the petrol-heads to an appreciation of electric scooter. Vespa has dominated the market for 70 years, so ONE MOTO have remodelled, designed and customised their range for the modern commuter.

For more information on ONE MOTO and enquiries, please contact:

+971 4 298 4444